Rebecca Clitheroe

I am a freelance artist living near Buxton in the heart of the beautiful Peak District. I have three children, all living away from home, and all pursuing their own careers in the arts. As a result, I share my home and studio with loving cat Lola, and super-gorgeous ‘Sprollie’ dog Trevor. They both vie for position under the drawing board whilst I work. 

Since 2013 I’ve been building up a collection of illustrations and prints of iconic buildings and landmarks. Each one is steeped in history, and each has a story to tell. I have a genuine interest in our heritage and an incessant need to understand (completely) my subject-matter. Consequently, through my research and collection of visual historical references, I created the ‘Hidden Histories’ concept. Faced with the challenge of not only producing an accurate artwork of each building, I set myself the task of ‘building in’ the story of its history too. From list-making, researching and sourcing visual references, eventually I reach a ‘bar’ and the illustrating and layering begins. Gradually I start to construct the pastel drawing over black and white imagery to create the finished illustration. 

As I apply the layers of pastel and pencil crayon, the Hidden Histories become concealed. In this way, I  encourage the viewer to look deeper into the picture and cross-reference their own findings. This unique quality adds a new depth to the illustration, and has proved popular with my customers and followers.